I Was Interviewed for the WEF Words on Water Podcast Recently…

Where I discuss the increasingly popular practice of wastewater epidemiology in identifying coronavirus in communities and on college campuses. I explain that to accurately measure the presence of the virus, wastewater flow data must be normalized for inflow and infiltration in collection systems, and how my company is working with others on this approach. I […]

Cocktail – Kevin’s Double Nickel

I turned 55 yesterday. Mid-life, right? We celebrated with a late-summer feast of Joe’s Kansas City BBQ in the backyard. There was plenty of meat of course. More than a few bottles of red wine as well. I also wanted to kick off the evening with a cocktail, so why not a signature cocktail to […]

Quixotic Performers Post-Show Fun

While Quixotic and its amazing troupe continue to perform in and around Kansas City a casualty of the pandemic is the post-show meet and greet with the performers. They are fun, social, patient, and generous with their time. These photos are from just less than a year ago after one of their Sensatia – Cirque […]

Recipe: Chiang Mai Chicken

Personal Notes This is a ridiculously delicious chicken dish that I dream about if I’ve gone more than 10 days in summer without eating it. If this is your first experience cooking with fish sauce don’t be scared off by the pungent smell. It’s one of the secrets of this recipe. Trust me. The recipe […]

Recipe: Tomato Pie

This recipe is probably more requested of me than any other. It’s really an amazing summer dish. My mother introduced it to me and my siblings growing up though I doubt I had any interest in it until my late teens. I know for certain that my mother and sister still make it and my […]

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